Selected Muay Thai Shorts

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You are not a true Nak Muay if you’re not wearing Muay Thai shorts.

In addition to paying proper respect to the sport, especially if you train in Thailand, wearing Custom Muay Thai shorts (Spodenki do Muay Thai) has its benefits. It frees up your movement and minimizes friction, allowing you to move much more freely when you’re training and fighting.

Unfortunately, not every Muay Thai short (ムエタイ パンツ) is equal. Some are better than others.

Below are some of the best selected Muay Thai shorts out there.

Boxsense Pantalon Boxeo Muay Thai

1.   Boxsense

Boxsense is essentially synonymous with Muay Thai.

If you’re looking for Muay Thai gear, Fairtex is the first brand you go to. This includes Muay Thai shorts.

A common characteristic of Boxsense Muay Thai shorts is their longer fit and wider leg openings. However, this is starting to change. They have a couple of shorter cut shorts available for sale. This gives you plenty of options to choose from.

Another thing to note is that Boxsense Muay Thai shorts aren’t really flashy.

This is either a good thing or a bad thing. It all depends on your preference.

Kanong Muay Thai Shorts

2.   Kanong

Kanong Muay Thai Shorts is best known for their short cut shorts featuring “Satin” panels on its sides known as the “Satin” shorts.

Other brands have since tried to copy what they’ve done, but none have been successful so far.

Kanong has also since released variations to their shorts. This includes the “Carbonfit” shorts, which no longer come with the panels.

If you prefer something more unique and stylish, you can never go wrong with Kanong.

Classic Muay Thai Shorts

3.   Classic

Made out of 100% satin, Classic Muay Thai shorts are very popular. Lots of fighters love the superior quality of their material and construction. However, the simple design of their shorts isn’t for everybody.

Lumpinee Muay Thai Shorts

4.   Lumpinee

Lumpinee makes handmade Lumpinee Muay Thai shorts in Thailand with products designed by professional fighters.

The best thing about Lumpinee Muay Thai shorts is their low price.

If you’re looking for a pair of high-quality Muay Thai shorts but don’t want to spend a lot, take a look at what Venum has to offer.

5.   Twins Special

Fairtex might be more popular among casual audiences, but anyone into Muay Thai knows that Twins Special is the go-to brand.

Twins Special has long dominated the Muay Thai gear market. They have made high-quality gloves, shorts, and other gear for Muay Thai for decades. If you’re looking for anything related to Muay Thai, chances are, Twins Special has one.


Remember, brands have their own preferences and design choices. This means that a pair of Muay Thai shorts won’t be the same across different brands. That’s why you have to try out different brands first to see what you like best.

With that said, it’s still a good thing you’ve decided to invest in the best Muay Thai shorts.

This way, you’re paying proper respect to this fighting sport. At the same time, you’re showing to everybody that you are taking your training seriously.

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