Muay Thai is Our life

Unlike in other fighting sports, in Muay Thai, there are eight points of contact. In addition to your fists, there’s the knees, feet, and elbows. This opens up a whole new world of strategies and combinations that fighters can employ when inside the ring. We fight with heart, live with breath and stand with spirit.

Muay Thai gear is also important because it's help to protect us from injury in the way of training. Important Kickboxing gear which make Muay Thai life so awesome usually including Muay Thai Kits, Boxing Gloves, Muay Thai Shorts, Kick boxing accessories which able to buy from Muay Thai online store. Various selection of good Muay Thai Equipment from Thailand.There are also special Muay Thai gear for Kids and Thai Boxing gear for womens.

Welcome and Enjoy with Muay Thai!


Muay Thai or Boxing

Muay Thai and Boxing are similar, but they’re also drastically different. It’s important to know what the differences between both sports are if you’re decided between which one to train in. 500px provided description: Muay Thai Fight Us Vs Burma [#Thailand ,#Bangkok ,#Boxing ,#Men ,#Muay Thai ,#Thai Boxing ,#World Championship ,#Kick Boxing ,#Burma vs. USA] […]


Is Muay Thai Safe for Children?

There’s a growing interest in parents enrolling their children in gyms and schools to train in martial arts. One of the martial arts and disciplines that’s starting to become more popular is Muay Thai. But, as interest in Muay Thai grew, so did concerns. After all, Muay Thai is a dangerous sport. It’s like boxing […]


5 Tips for Training at Home

It’s not impossible to do Muay Thai training at home. You just have to have the proper equipment and know-how. The first thing is something you’ll have to do yourself. The latter is something that we can help you with. How To Do Muay Thai Training at Home 1.    Get a jump rope and skip […]


Selected Muay Thai Shorts

You are not a true Nak Muay if you’re not wearing Muay Thai shorts. In addition to paying proper respect to the sport, especially if you train in Thailand, wearing Custom Muay Thai shorts has its benefits. It frees up your movement and minimizes friction, allowing you to move much more freely when you’re training […]


Learn Muay Thai online

These days, you can learn anything online. This includes martial arts like Muay Thai. Of course, that might come as a shock to you. After all, how do you learn Muay Thai online? It’s a fighting sport that requires body conditioning and strength training, as well as personal instruction so that you know how to […]


Muay Thai technique

Muay Thai technique is something that a fighter can only achieve with proper body conditioning and strength training. It’ll also come in handy as useful motivation to know the different types of Muay Thai techniques. Or, perhaps, more importantly, an interesting Muay Thai technique or two that they can practice, and even use in other […]


Muay Thai or Boxing Gloves

We don’t blame you if you think that Muay Thai Gloves and Boxing Gloves are one and the same. In the eyes of the untrained, both gloves do look similar. Thus, it’s only natural to think that they have similar functions. However, while both are indeed gloves used for fighting and training, each glove could […]


Muay Thai Shorts or Boxing Trunks

Believe it or not, Muay Thai shorts are unique to the sport. They’re not the same as boxing trunks, just as Muay Thai gloves are different from Boxing gloves. Not everyone knows this, but some even think of the shorts as a uniform. Now, you may wonder, what’s the difference between Muay Thai shorts vs […]


3 Best Muay Thai Gear online from Bangkok

Where to Buy Muay Thai Gear in Thailand? Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. It’s only natural that it’s the first place you’d look for Muay Thai Gear in Thailand, especially as a foreigner. To narrow down your search, we’ve singled out three shops in Bangkok. Muay Thai Gloves online shop Technically, this is not […]


Where to Watch Muay Thai in Bangkok?

Below are the best places to watch Muay Thai fights when in Bangkok. 1.   New Lumpinee Boxing Stadium If you only have limited time to watch Muay Thai fights in Bangkok, this is where you go. The New Lumpinee Boxing Stadium is operated by the Thai Army and is conveniently located nearby the Don Muang […]