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Believe it or not, Muay Thai shorts are unique to the sport. They’re not the same as boxing trunks, just as Muay Thai gloves are different from Boxing gloves.

Not everyone knows this, but some even think of the shorts as a uniform.

Now, you may wonder, what’s the difference between Muay Thai shorts vs Boxing trunks?

Is it just a matter of respect? Do people wear Muay Thai shorts just because they want to be respected more by their peers at the gym? Well, not exactly.

What Makes Muay Thai Shorts Different

One of the first things you’ll notice with Muay Thai shorts is how short they are, and there’s a good reason for this.

In boxing, fighters usually only use their legs to move around. They don’t really use them to fight, defend, or grapple. As a result, they can get away with long shorts that go way past their knees. Kickboxing shorts are also quite long, albeit with side slits to make room for kicks. However, Muay Thai fighter shorts are, well, short, for a good reason.

First, let’s start with the material. Muay Thai shorts are usually made out of either a Nylon/Satin mix or microfiber. They usually cut off halfway up the leg. This keeps them short, giving way for fighters to feel minimal friction whenever they use their legs in fights and in training.

Because of how Muay Thai shorts makes training the sport easier, it also signals to others that you take Muay Thai seriously, or as the locals refer to, a Nak Muay.

If you’re training in a Muay Thai gym, you won’t really be required to wear Muay Thai shorts. Most are respectful enough to let you wear what you feel comfortable with wearing. But, if you love Muay Thai and want to take it seriously, you should start getting used to wearing Muay Thai shorts.

This is especially true in Thailand, where Muay Thai is the national sport.

Because the Thai take Muay Thai seriously, wearing Muay Thai shorts as a gym is also seen as a sign of respect. It shows them that, you not only take the sport seriously, but you want to show respect to where it came from.


There are very few reasons why you shouldn’t wear Muay Thai shorts and a lot of reasons why you should.

To get the full experience of training in Muay Thai, you should have the proper gear.

Wearing other types of shorts will significantly impede your movement options. It’ll be difficult to move around when wearing boxing trunks or kickboxer shorts when training in Muay Thai. But, by wearing Muay Thai shorts, you’ll have much better freedom of movement.

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