3 Best Muay Thai Gear online from Bangkok

Where to Buy Muay Thai Gear in Thailand?

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. It’s only natural that it’s the first place you’d look for Muay Thai Gear in Thailand, especially as a foreigner.

To narrow down your search, we’ve singled out three shops in Bangkok.

Muay Thai Gloves online shop

Technically, this is not a single shop. Instead, it’s a brand that’s essentially synonymous with high-quality Muay Thai Gear –

As one of the most popular shop in Muay Thai, This is the most convenient one is probably the one over other shop because you can buy from everywhere and deliver to your place in shortly.


Kanong is one of the more underrated Muay Thai Gear brands. They’re not exactly as popular, especially outside of Thailand. However, they make quality gear, especially their gloves, which many have noted that they don’t take a lot of time to break in and become comfortable to wear.

The best way to buy Muay Thai Gear from Kanong is online. Their website is quite good. However, if you want to do some shopping at their store, you have to go to the Paragon department store. There is some products there.

Kanong everything from gloves, to shirts, shorts, and more. They’ll even do custom-printed shorts for a small premium.

As far as price goes, Kanong gear is not as expensive as, let’s say, Fairtex, but the quality is more or less the same.

Boxsense gear

Boxsense is one of the best Muay Thai Gear brand from Thailand. You can buy direct at


Buying Muay Thai Gear in Thailand is easy. It’s literally sold everywhere. Nowaday, buy from online stores is most popular. Just goes to website, select whatever you want and wait for delivery. Take your time for experience!

Because Muay Thai is Thailand’s national sport,  Muay Thai gear is sold in specialty shops inside and outside of malls, as well as in gyms that teach Muay Thai. However, if you want a more convenient shopping experience, especially if you already know what you’re looking for, we recommend shopping online.

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